What city should you live in?

Do you live in the place that you should live? You can find out with this quiz. I have five American cities, Philadelphia, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. I am sorry that I do not have Houston or Chicago. My international locations are Costa Rica, London, and Paris.

Seven of the eight are larger cities, but they also mean the areas around the city. If you get Costa Rica, it could also be another Central American country.

Created by: WillMatt
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a sports fan?
  2. Do you like soccer?
  3. Do you like white-water rafting?
  4. Usted habla el espanol? (Do you speak Spanish?)
  5. Do you know French?
  6. Are you adventurous?
  7. Food
  8. Do you like the beach?
  9. What do you want the summer highs to be?
  10. Can you deal with cold weather?
  11. Do you mind rain?
  12. Do you want a spread out city? Say yes if you will live in peaceful suburbs.
  13. Do you care if the people smell bad?

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Quiz topic: What city should I live in?