How Miami Dade are you?

Miami as a city has is ups and downs, but only true Miami know its real problems and changes. Many tourists live in this city, sad thing is that many of them call themselves Miamians.

Are you a real Miamian? take the test and we will see. If you are not a Miamiam, please don't take the test. You'll be embarrassed, specially if you are doing this near a family member.

  1. Who is Tibor Hollo?
  2. Where do you find the best Cuban bread?
  3. La 20 con la 20
  4. Only one here is False
  5. Chongas
  6. One Bayfront Plaza
  7. Brazilian Pants
  8. Other option for US-1?
  9. You know how to say more than 2 words in Spanish
  10. Sunny Isles
  11. What's Churchill's?
  12. Miami Dolphims won the world cup
  13. Christianos con Moros
  14. What's the most famous last name?
  15. Pollo Tropical
  16. Orange Ball
  17. Little Tel Aviv
  18. Who is the Vice Chairman of the BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISIONER?
  19. Miami Dade Transit Director
  20. Tallest Building in Miami
  21. The fare for the bus
  22. The bus passes regularly (non KAT)
  23. The bust driver rests ** minutes before driving again
  24. The metrorail passes every ** minutes staring at 8:00 pm
  25. The cost for transfers: MOVER TO BUS
  26. Cost for expess bus
  27. Miami Beach
  28. Miami
  29. When you are at a Miami Dade casino

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Quiz topic: How Miami Dade am I?