How girlish are you

Girls are classified into two parts girlie girls and not girlie girls if you wanna know which group are you from try this quiz i guarantee you'll have fun and it will reveal the true girl inside of you

which part of you wins over the other your girlie part or your non girlie part Take this quiz to know it really works im sure it does. after all it wouldn't hurt to try and i am sure the results will convince you that its true

Created by: bebaaaaa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you wear makeup everyday ?
  2. How do you describe your style ?
  3. what's the most important quality do you want in your boyfriend ?
  4. What's your your favourite lipgloss colour ?
  5. whats your cellphone colour
  6. what's your favourite bracelet style
  7. Quick, choose
  8. do your friends describe you as ..
  9. do you think this quiz is for dumb girls only and you shouldnt be here
  10. what color of hair do you prefer ?

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Quiz topic: How girlish am I