Which fictional city should you live in?

Hello There. If you were planning on moving, you might want to try a fictional town. One that fits you entirely. One of television standards. Take this quiz to see which television town you would be happiest in.

In this quiz, you will answer simple questions. Each will detemine which television city you should live in. Hopefully you will be happy with your outcome. Monsterish or otherwise.

Created by: Mason Augustus Wheeler of Myspace.com
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you tough, or are you very sensative?
  2. Which is easier to deal with?
  3. Who are you most likely to be possessed by?
  4. What weather would you most appriciate?
  5. Which would you most likely attend?
  6. Which would you rather date?
  7. What do you rely on most?
  8. Which mood are you most likely to be in?
  9. Around which time are you the happiest?
  10. High School, to you, is...
  11. Finally, Which would you name your pet?

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Quiz topic: Which fictional city should I live in?