How Much You Know Detroit

Well, everyone loves their city. Here is a great example to prove you love the greatest city in the world. Go Detroit...we live, we die....GO BLUE!!

Are you from Detroit, I doubt it. Don't even bother taking this quiz, you probably live 100 miles from Detroit and think you know what it takes to survive in this city, but you don't. Go take some quiz about how much you love your Dog. GOOD DAY!

Created by: KEVIN
  1. From Detroit the Ambassador bridge will take you to what city??
  2. In 1997 if you wanted to watch Barry Sanders play football you would see him at which venue?
  3. Steve Yzerman had his number retired at Joe Louis Arean in January of 2007. What number was retired??
  4. Tiger stadium is no longer played at by the Tigers. Which legendary intersection is Tiger Stadium located at
  5. Traveling down 75 (south) from the city you would exit which street to directly access Gibralter trade center?
  6. Nathans Hot Dogs are a major part of New Jersey and New York. Are Nathans hot dogs readily available in the Detroit area?
  7. Which major airline houses their major hub at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
  8. When entering the tunnel heading North from Detroit what major city will you enter?
  9. If you know anything about the "D" you know that Kid Rock, Eminem, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and ????? all were born near the city of Detroit
  10. Taco Bell is good, and its cheap, but when your looking for a couple sliders for a couple dollars, you go to???

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