What Kind Of Detroiter Are You?

There are people who work in Detroit and there are people who play in Detroit, but there are only a few TRUE DETROITERS. Which one are you? This quiz will ask you specific questions about Detroit to determine your status. You need to have been in Detroit between 1970-1990.

Are you a DETROITER? DID you grow up in Detroit between 1970-1990? If you did or are a little older this quiz will relate to you. Take this quiz to see if you are a TRUE Detroiter. This quiz will let you know your status.

Created by: Detroit08
  1. Where did you go rollerskating as a child?
  2. What mall did you frequent as a teenager to meet guys or girls?
  3. Did you ever go to Hudson's when it was on Woodward?
  4. What does YBI stand for?
  5. Troop, MCM, Cross Colors and MacAdoos are...
  6. Schoolcraft is ...
  7. When the Piston's won the first championship in the late 80's, in celebration people rode down 7 mile with what tool in their hands sticking out the window. (theme song)?
  8. What amusement park was located on Detroit's northwest side?
  9. How many people in your family work for one of the big 3?
  10. Where the Pistons played their games immediately before playing games at The Palace?
  11. Trapper's Alley is...
  12. Finish the phrase: Are you ready to throw down?
  13. Sir Graves Ghastley was...
  14. Did you ever wear Jingle Boots, a Nanny Goat, Max Jullian or a NY starter jacket?
  15. Did you ever wear jelly shoes, a coach belt with the coach tag still hanging, Levi jeans taken in, or more than one polo shirt at a time?
  16. This popular DJ would tell you to flash your porch light 2 times and would land the mothership as the intro.
  17. Channel 62 is.
  18. Which mayor said "Why we got to get rid of our guns, when yall got guns too!"
  19. Frank and Marilyn Turner were...
  20. You would party on this boat on the Detroit River to an amusement park without having to worry about your safety or a passport.
  21. Every fashionable young woman had at least one article of clothing or pantyhose from this store.
  22. New Center One housed this department store.
  23. A hair salon in Detroit that was open 24 hours, first come first serve.

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Detroiter am I?