What Kind Of Racing Is Best For You?

What kind of racing do you like? See if this quiz answers the obvious or surprises you. Different forms of racing are similiar and different depending on what aspect your talking about. So answer honestly because you don't know what it does to your final result.

What kind of racing do you like? Take this quiz and get the obvious answer today? I know your bored so do it now! See if I can actually guess what kind of racing you like the most. I bet you I can.

Created by: Big D
  1. What do you do when it starts sprinkling?
  2. How do you go into a corner at the track?
  3. How long does your motor last?
  4. What Rpm does your car make the most horsepower?
  5. What does your car look like after a race?
  6. How long do you sit in the car during the race?
  7. What shape is your track most of the time?
  8. How do you know when your at the racetrack?
  9. OK, I'm running out of questions. How many red flags happen during your average race?
  10. Too many required questions! Can you talk to or listen to the driver during the race?

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