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This category is for quizzes about motorsports. This can include snowmobile racing, ATV, NASCAR and other auto racing, Karting, personal watercraft, tractor pulling, and more. Do you have a personal interest in motorsports? Try our user-created quizzes or add your own today.

Our Motorsports Quizzes

  • Which Formula 1 driver are you?
    [by: Benetton94, rated: rated: 3.67/5, published: Jul 12, 2014]

    Formula 1 has many different personalities, which adds to the excitement and allows fans to relate to different drivers. Which driver are you?

  • Does Dirt Track Racing Run Your Life?
    [by: Christie, rated: rated: 4.14/5, published: Feb 8, 2007]

    A test to see just how involved in dirt track racing you really are. Obsessed or just casual?

  • Which Nascar Nextel Cup driver are you?
    [by: Leslie, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Apr 4, 2007]

    Which Nascar driver do you have the most in common with? Is it Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, or someone else?

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