How Far to the Left Do YOU Clank?

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So... you think you are a diehard flat track fan, huh? Well, maybe so... but what KIND of fan ARE you? How strong is your enthusiasm? How deep is your addiction?

Are you a fan... an addict... a "wannabe?" This quiz can help you fnd out. Get your number two pencils out, sharpen them, and put them away again. You won't need them, for THIS quiz!

Created by: Mia

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  1. How many races do you watch, each season?
  2. Where do you usually spend the night, after a race?
  3. When it comes time to clean off the dirt and sweat, after a race, which of these methods do YOU use?
  4. Your house or den...
  5. When it comes to flat track t-shirts...
  6. Where do you like to sit, at the races?
  7. What cold drink refreshes YOU, during a race?
  8. Name the track specialties at Springfield, Lima, and Peoria.
  9. You love talking to the racers...
  10. You can recognize several race tracks by...

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Quiz topic: How Far to the Left do I Clank?