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Do you love sports? Whether you're a player or a fan, we have quizzes for you. Browse through our sub-categories, like football, baseball and soccer. If we don't have a quiz on your chosen sport or favorite pro team, consider making one yourself!


Our Sports Quizzes

  • Which Sport Best Suits You?
    [by: purplepink01, rated: rated: 3.54/5, published: Mar 16, 2016]

    Get matched with the best sport for you, with a personalized ranking of 10 different sports.

  • What sport should you play?
    [by: Frodo, rated: rated: 3.19/5, published: Jan 24, 2011]

    Match your physical traits against different team sports to see which you should play.

  • General Sports Quiz (UK-centric)
    [by: Azif Ucan, rated: rated: 3.03/5, published: Jul 26, 2017]

    A quiz to see how wide-range your sports knowledge is. Somewhat UK-centered.

  • How Triathlon Are You?
    [by: John-Paul Ashton, rated: rated: 2.92/5, published: Nov 21, 2013] invites you to see how much of a triathlete you are. Triathlon is a way of life and this will show you how much it is taking over your life.

  • What sport will you be good at?
    [by: Bob, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Apr 15, 2009]

    This test will see which sport you'd excel at. Find the right one for you.

  • How well do you know your race horses?
    [by: Ivy, rated: rated: 2.58/5, published: May 2, 2009]

    Can you pass this tough test on horse racing? Very challenging!

  • What Sport Are You?
    [by: mike, rated: rated: 2.35/5, published: Jul 6, 2006]

    This is a quiz designed to see what sport you most relate to. You'll learn something about yourself as well.

Baseball Quizzes

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Basketball Quizzes

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Cricket Quizzes

  • How well do you know Virat Kohli?
    [by: Shruti, rated: rated: 4.06/5, published: Mar 23, 2016]

    Virat Kohli. The handsome hunk of our country. The King of your heart is Virat. I just LOVE him. Isn't he cute? Oh yeah he is... So are you a true Viratian?…

Extreme Sports Quizzes

  • What extreme sport is for you?
    [by: Millville, rated: rated: 3.03/5, published: Aug 16, 2006]

    A quiz for aspiring extreme sports players- which is the right sport for you? Do you have what it takes to perform?

Football Quizzes

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Hockey Quizzes

  • What Pittsburgh Penguin Are You?
    [by: Ira, rated: rated: 3.23/5, published: May 31, 2015]

    My favorite team is no doubt the Pittsburgh Penguins. If you play this quiz you will definitely find out what Pittsburgh Penguins hockey player you are now.

  • Do you know the NHL?
    [by: E, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Dec 16, 2008]

    The NHL is the National Hockey League. There are 30 teams, which are divided into 2 conferences, the Eastern and Western. The on the quiz....GOOD…

Martial Arts Quizzes

  • Which Martial Art Is Right For You?
    [by: S.A. McComas, rated: rated: 4.02/5, published: May 17, 2009]

    There are many styles and disciplines to choose from. This quiz ranks you against ten types. Ju-Jitsu, Judo, Karate + seven more.

Motorsports Quizzes

  • Which Formula 1 driver are you?
    [by: Benetton94, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: Jul 12, 2014]

    Formula 1 has many different personalities, which adds to the excitement and allows fans to relate to different drivers. Which driver are you?

  • Does Dirt Track Racing Run Your Life?
    [by: Christie, rated: rated: 4.13/5, published: Feb 8, 2007]

    A test to see just how involved in dirt track racing you really are. Obsessed or just casual?

  • Which Nascar Nextel Cup driver are you?
    [by: Leslie, rated: rated: 3.12/5, published: Apr 4, 2007]

    Which Nascar driver do you have the most in common with? Is it Dale Jr., Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, or someone else?

Running Quizzes

  • What Kind of Runner Are You?
    [by: LiveLoveRun, rated: rated: 3.9/5, published: May 31, 2018]

    What motivates you to run? Find out your type with this quiz.

Skating Quizzes

  • Which Pro Skater Are You?
    [by: kenny, rated: rated: 3.27/5, published: Jun 8, 2006]

    Some skaters are good, some bad, some just plain kooks and posers. Which one are you?

Soccer Quizzes

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Volleyball Quizzes

Wrestling Quizzes

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