Are you a true softball player

Softball players have passion to play the sport. If you play ball and get scared by the pitch thrown at you when you get up to bat over come that fear! Softball is truly an amazing game! The key is to practice like you play an give 110 percent!

In this quiz you will be tested on your softball IQ. May you be masters at the sport and know every little notch of it! Or may you be rookies who still have much to learn! It doesn't matter! Whoever takes this quiz shows me you care about the sport! And that's what counts!

Created by: Hannah

  1. What are the two most important positions
  2. How many girls/boys can you put on the field at a time
  3. What's the most common type of pitch
  4. A ____ gets you to first base. a double gets you to second base. A triple gets you to third base. A _____ home run is all the way around the bases
  5. How many strikes and balls can you get when up to bat?
  6. A girl is up to bat and the pitcher throws a ball that gets past the catcher, the runner at first sprints to second base. What is the throw called to second and what is the runner on first doing?
  7. When you hit a ball and it bounces over a fence what is it called?
  8. When you a ball very high up in the air it's called a ____
  9. When the bases are loaded and a girl hits a home run its called a ____
  10. If your playing in the outfield and you catch the ball and fall and slide on the ground to catch it it's called a ____
  11. When your up to bat and you tap the ball a little outwards near the line it's called a ____
  12. When you walk in and hit the ball and it sails a little bit and gets you a single that's called a ____
  13. The key to being able to hit a fastball is
  14. When you a hit a ball rather hard (or soft) in a line it's called a ____
  15. The only time you sprint through a base is when....
  16. When you psychically thrust yourself down to the ground in attempt to not get caught and get out is called a ____
  17. When your running to a base and a player (fielder) is in the way of you... You ___
  18. Last question! Who is the person who stands behind the catcher calling balls and strikes during a game?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true softball player