Which WOW TCG Class Should I play?

Many new people new to the WOW TCG don't know where to get started. Pick a class! take this quiz and go from there.The WOW TCG is a fun and robust card game modeled after the Magic the Gathering card game and having designers from that game working on it. Choose your class and play the game- have fun in raids or rise to victory in PVP or arenas!

Take this quiz and see what you are ranked as. Take this knowledge and learn more about what suits your playstyle. This quiz came about to help people in our club/group (new people) to find what class they should start as.

Created by: Rob
  1. Does slowing your enemy down to either pop out powerful stuff later, to mess with his mind or just reak havoc sound appealing?
  2. Does messing with the opponent's mind sound like your play style?
  3. Now, we want to blow them all into oblivion (up!) yes?
  4. Does hitting them hard and quick at all costs sound appealing to you?
  5. Does letting them bleed to death sound like your style?
  6. Attack all you want- it won't make a difference. Do you feel this is your play style?
  7. Do you like to deal out the carnage quickly and efficiently?
  8. Do you like solo player versus player?
  9. Do you like the team element to the game?
  10. The big question for last: rush (lots of allies), control (make your opponent move to your tune), discard (ruin his stategy) or burn? (aoe and DOTS)

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