What RPG Class/Job Best Suits You?

This test is designed to see what kind of a class, generally a Final Fantasy type RPG you'd best represent based on your own physical traits and interests. Though it doesn't state all classes, you at least have an idea what would be in your ideal range.

It also represents the kinds of classes you prefer to use in RPG games like these. There aren't many of them out there, but if you can play a game where you can create your own army, you'd probably be enticed to choose these kinds :)

Created by: mrduckbear3
  1. What kind of Weapon would you prefer to yield?
  2. Would you say you're Smart?
  3. Are you Strong physically?
  4. Would you prefer to be up front or in the rear in battle?
  5. Would you say you're patient or impatient?
  6. How fast are you?
  7. Are you better in protecting or defending?
  8. Which of these words do you like best?
  9. Which of the following outfits would you prefer to wear?
  10. What would you say is your elemental power?
  11. Would you say you have a lot of Fears?
  12. Could you kill something whether it was threatening you or not?
  13. Lastly, If there was a battle between good and evil, what kind of outcome do you wish to occur?

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Quiz topic: What RPG Class/Job Best suits me?