Are You a Class Clown?

There are a lot of class clowns out there. Some are liked, some are hated. If you have the students on your side, and the teachers hate you, then you are a big class clown. A class clown is a student who likes to be funny during class, and annoy nerds and teachers hate your guts.

Are you a class clown? Are you funny enough to be considered a class clown? You have to be funny and willing to get into trouble. You have to be good at coming up with stuff on the spot.

Created by: Jimmy
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  1. You spit spitballs often.
  2. When the teacher says "Turn to page 69" you...
  3. When learning about the reproductive system, you...
  4. A bald man with a large hair lip and a block on his deformed foot walks in to talk about self esteem, you...
  5. One of your classmates places a Whoopie cushion on the teachers chair, you...
  6. Your not allowed to most events in the school.
  7. Do people laugh with or at you?
  8. Your disciplinarian calls you by your first name.
  9. People have been talking about you when they said "OMFG that was him?"
  10. When the teacher asks why elephants have big ears, you say...
  11. You've injured someones eye with a paper football.

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