what kind of school kid are you

School life can be hectic and every one is different but how about you where oone of these guys life can be difficult.

Do you fit into these guys? The class clown, The geek or the bully each one different, each one the smae (may not be accurate to your school life)

Created by: nicole
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your fav lesson is
  2. your in the headmasters office because:
  3. your at home your doing:
  4. Your ten minutes early for your lesson so you
  5. your doing a lesson on smoking you
  6. your fav colouris (dosen't effect scoring)
  7. If you could take something on an island you where going to be stranded on it would be a:
  8. Your telling some one about your hobby which is
  9. the one thing you would insure is your
  10. If you where an animal what would you be

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Quiz topic: What kind of school kid am I