What kind of car are you?

There are car people and there are people who drive cars. Which one are you? And what kind of car best suites you? Is it just a car to you or is the car your life?

Are you a speed demon, a horse power freek, mabe an old school classic person or do you prefer to just cruise? Thanks to this quiz all these questions can be answered.

Created by: mark

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  1. How fast do you drive?
  2. How well can you drive a stick shift.
  3. Do you use your blinkers?
  4. What gas do you buy at the pump?
  5. What is your favorite out of these cars? a. Corvette b. Mustang c. Ferrari 360 d. Honda Civic e. Chevy full size converson van
  6. Are you obsessive about how your car looks?
  7. Do you get mad at traffic?
  8. Which do you prefer: a. 2 seater b. 4 seater c. 7 seater d. a bus
  9. You work on your own car, and enjoy doing so.
  10. Which best fits you? a. Top speed b. Handling c. Looks d. cargo space

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Quiz topic: What kind of car am I?