Could YOU be a trucker?

There are many who drive trucks for a living. Most are professional, but too many are not. Signaling your intentions, making safe and courteous lane changes, yielding to other drivers trying to merge into traffic, are just a few signs of a driver who takes her or his job with pride. I'm offering a fun little quiz in regards to the "trucker talk", or lingo, that many of the drivers use on their CB radios. See how many of these "truckerisms" you know and have a chuckle while you're at it.

Do YOU know how many hours a truck driver can drive in a 24 hr. period? Do you ever wonder why the Women and Men who Move America may seem snarly, and discourteous at times? The truckers in the Transporation Industry are enmeshed in a time sensitive and stressful profession. Keeping one's sense of humor is vital to one's own personal sanity, and safety on the road. Let's see how many of these little questions you can answer correctly.

Created by: Christy
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  1. How many hours can a trucker drive in one day?
  2. When a driver keeps a "log" book, it is to record or keep track of:
  3. When a trucker says, "Watch out for the alligator" what does she/he mean?
  4. What is a "chicken coop"?
  5. "Put the hammer down" means to do what?
  6. What is a "pickle park"?
  7. What is a "lot lizard"?
  8. "You've got a Smoky takin' pictures at the 58 over 9" means what?
  9. "Break 19, you've got a bear on the side of the road with a customer, and he's advertising" means what???
  10. The best way to sweeten up a snarly trucker is to:

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