How Small Town Are You

Do you wear John Deere? Ever seen a John Deere? Ever drove a John Deere? Did you just drive it for a day? Or did you learn on that thing during hay season? Exactly how country are you?

Are you country? Or do you just think you are with your fancy store bought green and yellow trucker hat? Take this quick and fun quiz and find out once and for all.

Created by: Case_Girl

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  1. What is the population of your town?
  2. Is there a main stop sign, instead of stop light?
  3. Are you distantly related to just about every one?
  4. Is it normal to see an elderly man riding a lawn mower down main street?
  5. How many students were [will be] in your graduating class
  6. During the summer months, where is the town's teenage population?
  7. Have you ever heard of, or do you know what a "lentil" is?
  8. You learned to drive when . . .
  9. Ham comes from what animal and what part?
  10. What animals did you raise as a child?
  11. Can you completely detail the process of where your bread comes from?

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