How smalltown Kansas are YOU?

Born and raised in a small town in Kansas for 20 years..I know what I'm talkin about. I consider a small town to be under 20,000 people. This place sucks, but it has its hickish charm. Some of my questions are purely stereotypical, but there's a little truth to everything..

So how well do you know small town life in Kansas? Do you get all of your information from the Wizard of Oz or can you speak from experience? Let's find out, yall!

Created by: Nicole

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  1. Does farmland surround your town on all sides?
  2. What is your idea of fun?
  3. What's a common thing to see in a rural family's backyard?
  4. It almost surprises you to see which of the following:
  5. What's a huge drug problem in small hick towns around here?
  6. While driving around in the country, you are most likely to see which group of people tearing ass down the roads?
  7. At what time does hanging out on main street usually die down?
  8. Is it possible to walk across town at 2 am without getting mugged, raped, killed, or made fun of?
  9. Are you so used to hardly any traffic that going to a city of 30,000 people or more can be frustrating?
  10. Are you racist toward blacks, hispanics, and arabs?
  11. Everyone knows that the highlight of the summer is...

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Quiz topic: How smalltown Kansas am I?