How Topeka Are You?

Here is your opportunity to waste more of your time on another silly quiz that offers little reward other than the immediate feedback of a score. Don't hesitate, take this quiz and see how you score.

What do you know about Topeka Kansas? What do you know about it's demographics? What do you know about it's geography? What do you know about it's history? Do you know what the Kansas State bird is? Or flower? Or tree? Take this quiz and find out just what you do know.

Created by: Debra Jean
  1. In what state is Topeka located?
  2. What was the population of Topeka as of the 2000 census?
  3. What is Topeka's nearest large metropolitan area?
  4. On what river is Topeka located?
  5. Kansas is known as the ....
  6. The name 'Topeka' came from ....
  7. What is the 'World Famous Topeka Zoo' famous for?
  8. What is the number one summer time recreation in Topeka?
  9. The Kansas state bird is the ....
  10. This business, now relocated elsewhere, was once rated third in the US in it's field ....
  11. What famous (infamous) Topeka resident (and his family) pickets funerals and gay rights gatherings?
  12. Which rock band originated in Topeka?
  13. What is the capitol of Kansas?
  14. What is Topeka's largest park?
  15. What lake is on the east side of Topeka?
  16. These people take up many of Topeka's downtown parking spaces the first few months of each year.
  17. True or False? The geodetic center of North America is located in Kansas.
  18. What highway runs thru the middle of Topeka?
  19. About how long does it take to get from one side of Topeka to the other on the highway?
  20. How many shopping malls does Topeka have?
  21. The Kansas state flower is the ....
  22. How many US Navy ships have been named 'USS Topeka' in honor of the city?
  23. True or False? Topeka was one of the Free-State towns founded by eastern antislavery men after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill.
  24. The Kansas Territory was admitted to the union as the 34th state in what year?
  25. Which of these states does not boarder Kansas?
  26. Topeka was founded along what famous wagon train trail, of which remnants can still be found?
  27. The site of what is now Topeka started as a ferry service to cross the Kansas River run by ....
  28. What two nineteenth-century movements combined to create the city of Topeka?
  29. The Kansas state tree is the ....
  30. True or False? One of the seven 'Gates to Hell' that are said to be located around America is claimed to be in the Stull Cemetery, just east of Topeka in the very small town of Stull.
  31. What railroad established it's general offices and shops in Topeka in the 1870's?
  32. What Topeka class action suit was responsible for eliminating the standard of "separate but equal" and requiring racial integration in American public schools?
  33. Famous Kansas canine.

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