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  • i lived in topeka for 9 years and 9 months.......and i got 61% ....... :(

    Jenni5547969 Jan 7 '11, 9:49PM
  • I wish I could find out which questions I got wrong!! Thought the questions were pretty good, but didn't do amazing even though I've lived here for a year and was born and raised less than an hour away in NE Kansas

    kaylah Mar 7 '10, 4:06AM
  • The only reason I did so well is that I'm from Kansas. (I only got in the 60 range, but hey, I'm from the town furthest away from Topeka in all of Kansas. I go to Denver and Amarillo more than Topeka or Wichita.) What do general Kansas facts have to do with being from Topeka?

    Kimuchi Oct 22 '08, 12:33PM
  • Where do we find the answers how do we know we were wrong???

    larson091952 Mar 5 '08, 4:54PM
  • Thought the quiz was great. I lived in Topeka for approx 3 1/2 years in the early 60's and still scored 86 percent. Am I missing something? How do I find out what I missed and the answers?

    carolpf Dec 24 '07, 10:29PM

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