Can you earn your Star on the 6th street sidewalk of topeka

"There are many smart people, but few people get there name on the sidewalk of 6th street in south topeka. The sidewalk is like the sidewalk in holly wood california except us topekans are making our sidewalk stand for somthing else. we're all famous in our own ways.

Do you have what it takes to get your Star? Do you have the brainpower and the topeka knowledge for that prestigious title until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Johnny Cash
  1. What topekan burned more rubbers in a night than dale ernhart jr?
  2. Which of these former topekan fellows will ruine your barbecue and make your hot doggs taste like sh!t(literally)
  3. Which pair of couples in Topeka are most likely to do sexual role playing when there home alone together?(hint)He pretends he's King kong...She pretends she's pippy long stocking.
  4. i used to play the famous game called JENGA i layed down with 10 naked topekan woman stacked on top of me. which woman would make the pile fall because of her vaginal odor?
  5. Two Topekan woman decided to take a walk on the beutiful beach of lake perry. At the end of there walk which two of these woman are most likely to make out at the end of there walk?
  6. Larry and Bill were on vacation to Topeka ks to do some site seeing. Which Topekan girl if she was to flash larry and bill would be the best site to see?
  7. In Topeka ks we have people that are well known we call "DRUG DEALERS" which of these dealers should you be worried about putting caps in ur azz?
  8. From the flintones his name is Fred. If fred were to cheat on Wilma what topeka girl would it be with?
  9. Matt F and his buddies are drinkin a few whiskey and cokes at the kickstart saloon in topeka ks.which one of his buddies is most likely to go home with a harley davidson chick with some stanky hairy armpits?
  10. Who is the King of the north Topekan quiz's? (hint) he's huge and ripped out bench press 455?

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Quiz topic: Can I earn my Star on the 6th street sidewalk of topeka