How street are you?

So you think your street yeah? Aight then lets test that one out do this and we will soon see how street you are, You up there with the big mans? Or are you another wannabee?

Are you street blud? Are you a big man and well known round your ends? We'll definately soon find out you get me? Rep your ends blud and realise your true self with this quiz.

Created by: Big P
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  1. If you see a person you know quite well walking down the street what would you say
  2. If someone was squaring up to you in your face and cursing at you what would you do?
  3. End of the week what are you gonna do?
  4. Your hang out has been tagged up by another crew what ya gonna do bout it?
  5. Do you drink alcohol?
  6. Are you proud of the place you grew up in?
  7. Do you listen to Grime or any other UK Garage or Hip Hop?
  8. Do you trust your best friends?
  9. How do you dress?
  10. Do you have an interest in weapons?
  11. Have you ever taken or sold drugs to anyone

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Quiz topic: How street am I?