How much Street Cred' do you have?

Do you think you have Street Cred'? Well lets pu that to the test. Do you think you can step up and be a ledgend? Or will you find that you are just a scrub.

Well my friend... it is time to see just how much Street Cred you have. It's time to find out if you are well respected or if you need to put yourself on house arrest.

Created by: Curt James
  1. How many NFL, NBA, MLB or NCAA jerseys do you own?
  2. Out of these 3 movies, hoe many have you seen? (Goodfellas, Scarface, The Godfather)
  3. Have you ever been shot or shot someone(w/ real gun)?
  4. Have you ever snuck into a Profesional sporting event?
  5. What is your favorite fastfood place?
  6. Have you ever went up to a drive thru and told the person you were just looking?
  7. Ford or Chevy?
  8. Finish the Tupac lyric (Dear Mama). (When I was young, me and my mama had beef 17 years old _______ ______on the streets
  9. How many pairs of AF1's do you own?
  10. (Among the listed) Who is you favorite athlete?
  11. Do you Ghost Ride?
  12. What street did Bone Thugs-N-Harmony live on in Cleveland?
  13. What is the closest city to you?

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Quiz topic: How much Street Cred' do I have?