Are You Street Smart

There are many different people on this earth from many different walks of life. No matter where you born or raised you to can be street smart. This quiz is a little something just to start you off with. Slang differs from state to state but if you are street smart it shouldn't affect your results much...good luck

Are you street smart? Think so? For some people this will be easy as counting to four. For others it will be difficult.. which type will you be? Certified or banned? or maybe will you gain tag along status

Created by: Jay
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. A dub can be any of the following except..
  2. Im getting Jigged up means..
  3. A loosie is a?
  4. Ten demons, four nicks, and one quake equals?
  5. If you are riding dirty you are
  6. If I am hugging the block I am
  7. A hole in the wall is a
  8. Im strapped means?
  9. If you are shooting the one you are
  10. If you are grilling me you are

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Quiz topic: Am I Street Smart