Soldier, scout, frontman or muse.

The mean streets are the home to some mean people, mean attitudes and most of all, mean crews. close knit and intertwined they do what the must to get street cred, maintain a solid outfit and stay on top. they are the kings of the back alleys, turf wars and the street.

What role would you play in a set, do you soldier up front, strut, sneak in the shadows or advise your general. are you a soldier, a frontman, a scout or a muse. we'll see

Created by: Hugo of Myspace
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  1. You enter a bar in a back alley you think would be wise to check out. As you open the doors and take in the smell of sweat, puke, and alcohol. what do you do?
  2. You get jumped on your way to your HQ, and your carrying a fat knot of cash and a black book that cant be stolen..
  3. A local arms shop owed you for protection, and offered to pay in goods. the old man at the register tells you to take your pick, you walk straight towards...
  4. Your clique just boosted a sattelite dish, 117 channels...what are you watching?
  5. Finally its the weekend and after word of a police crackdown on gangs you lay low for a while. time to enjoy life...
  6. The pigs surprised you and yours at a heist last night. it can only mean one thing, a rat. and you know how we deal with rats.
  7. You wake up in a cell with a bucket, rope, a plate and the clothes on your back.... not again.
  8. How would you describe your gang to some promising fresh muscle.
  9. You got helped out of a nasty situation by a close ally, how do you repay the favour.
  10. you heard at your local watering hole that the panzers plan on attacking you soon..

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