Are you a real Muse -fan?

I think Muse have many fans, but they dont know everything about them. Or maybe... Are you a Muse-fan? Only listen them in your car or everywhere? Only the music or also the biography?

Test here if you think you know everything about them! Big fan, Small fan? Maybe you dont know ANYTHING about them! If youre not sure (or if youre sure), just take this quiz!!

Created by: Michelle

  1. The second album was:
  2. Matthew Bellamy is born in:
  3. The album 'Absolution' is from the year:
  4. 'Everything about you is how I wanna be Your freedom comes naturally Everything about you resonates happiness Now I won't settle for less' This is from the song:
  5. 'Uno' is a song from the album:
  6. Complete this: She had something to confess to But you dont have the time so Look the other way...'
  7. Christopher Wolstenholme played another instrument before he played bassguitar near Muse. What kind of instrument?
  8. They have 2 DVDs:
  9. Who's the youngest?
  10. What's NOT a song of Muse?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Muse -fan?