How real are you?

Not many people are very honest about things. If you say you are that doesnt mean you are. Feel free to take a quiz to test your inner abilities of realness.Its not as easy as it sounds. Or is it?

Do you think you are real enough to receive a positive score in being a real person and not just a faker, a poser a wannabe? Then click on in an take a test to make you really think about the person you are.

Created by: clif
  1. You're at a party and someone passes out, you:
  2. Your buddy is tttoooo drunk to drive, you:
  3. Your friends significant other is seriously hitting on you and they're not around,:
  4. Somehow you end up in bed with your friends mom or dad, do you:
  5. A kid asks you to buy him smokes outside a store, you:
  6. Too embarrassed, your best friends younger sibling comes to you for sex advice, you:
  7. One of you friends has an annoying habit or habits, you:
  8. You have a roomate who just doesnt fit your living style, you:
  9. A friend got a bad haircut, you:
  10. While out, you and friends see someone fall very stupidly and hurt themselves, you:

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Quiz topic: How real am I?