american soldier

there are many americas but afew are ask what is an american soldier an american soldier is an american who will defend his country men and women.

are you an american soldier. do you have the knowledge to be a soldier do you speak soldier or do you not? but in just a few minue we will find out if you have what it takes to be an american soldier.

Created by: robert
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  1. do you bleed the red,white,and blue blood?
  2. do you believe in the 2nd amendment and will fight for it.
  3. the constution in just an old piece of paper?
  4. you know how to fold the american flag right?
  5. the triangle on the flag when folded it for ?
  6. what are iraqis for.
  7. you will defend old glory with your life?
  8. how do you react when you see someone burn the amaerican flag on t.v.?
  9. in the armed forces what does the initials U.S.M.C stands for?
  10. what are the U.S.N. nicknames are?
  11. the U.S.A.F. nicknames are what
  12. and the U.S.A. and nicknamed in what

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