How Shenno are you?

There are many street cats but few bring the ruckus. Shenno is holy land its soil like jerusalem to jews. some one who is shenno must earn there title as they boast creativity, originality, style and ruckus. these are aspect of true shennoness

do you think you fit the bill are you street worthy this scientifically proven quiz created by a james street resident will point you in the direction of rightousness and may grant you the title of shenno

Created by: stuart

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. your favourite pass time is:
  2. beats a la bomb selter are:
  3. looking fowards at the entry of iga name the shops in a clockwise direction
  4. where would one obtain 'calla'?
  5. where does the nodfather earn his doh?
  6. the focal point of shenno is in your opinion
  7. the street name for 'subiaco' is
  8. street name for a girl who gets around is a
  9. the educational centres of shenno are
  10. your favourite beer is:
  11. there is a libary in shenno
  12. you would name your pets:
  13. you know what a clash facts is
  14. some street names are
  15. the best neighbouring suburb is
  16. the four streets surrounding the lake are:

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Quiz topic: How Shenno am I?