Whats Your Creativity Style?

Like to doodle,draw,color, do arts and crafts? This is the right quiz for you! This teaches you all about creativity in ways never expected! You will learn your true colors after taking this quiz! So come on over and have some fun!

This quiz involves guys and girls. It tests you on your creativity and imagination. You can definitly let your imagination soar with this quiz! I hope you have fun and fly through this quiz with bright neon colors! Have fun and goodluck!

Created by: khkjhkhkjh

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  1. When you look at modern art what do you think of?
  2. You are headed out to a Stain Glass Exhbit and see handcrafted stain glass windows. You choose one to buy but the five that you are choosing between have different colors... What colors will your stain glass window be?
  3. You are in Art Class and are bored to death! You see ribbon, paper, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.. You...
  4. You Are shopping at the mall and have to choose an outfit for your speech tomorrow. You pick
  5. You are doing a research paper and need to highlight some things you grab a
  6. You are walking home from the school and turn on your Ipod. What is The first song you listen to?
  7. You Decide You want to Paint your room a different color. You have a pattern to choose from and a paint color.
  8. You are in a flower garden and can only choose one flower for your girlfriend/boyfriend what flower would it be?
  9. You are helping a friend plan their wedding. They need you to choose the napkin color for the tables and suit for the best man(guys)/ maids of honors(girls).
  10. You are at a party and are offered a red streamer you
  11. You are At the Aquarium and see several different fish. There is one that catches ur eye which one is it?

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