Are you from Kansas

Kansas has an important place in the history of the United States. It is also a place of inovation, ground breaking politics, agriculture and aviation.

Are you from Kansas? Do you think you know much about this wonderful state? In just a few minutes you can see just how much you really know about the land of ad aspera per aspera!

Created by: John
  1. Osborne County Kansas is significant because:
  2. The highest point in Kansas is
  3. The Kansas-Nebraska Act resulted in:
  4. The population of Kansas is
  5. Cedar Crest is the name of:
  6. Hutchinson is nicknamed:
  7. The largest city in Kansas is:
  8. The State Song of Kansas is:
  9. Pratt has 2 water towers, one for hot water, the other for cold:
  10. Kansas is better than Oklahoma, Nebraska and Missouri because

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Quiz topic: Am I from Kansas