How Wilburton are you?

Wilburton is a small town in pennsylvania. Barely anybody knows about it because its so small and unknown but its a good old town. That is, if you are an outdoor person. Im a proud wilburtonian. In other words, a proud redneck lol.

I know people only make quizzes that are "How ______ are you?" on popular well known cities but i just had to do this. I love my town and i want to know how wilburton the rest of the U.S. is. So please just take the quiz and find out and comment wat you got. thanx

Created by: JB
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you know what the collery is?
  2. If you were going to go to the movies and you were asking a friend to go, what would you say?
  3. What would you most likely be doing on a saturday?
  4. Would you say that you're a bit redneck or hillbilly?
  5. Do you own an ATV?
  6. Have you ever eaten a screamer?
  7. Does your town have many crazy people?
  8. Would you be mad if someone called your town 'A crazy hillbilly neighborhood'?
  9. Are there many dogs in your neighborhood?
  10. Do you like the outdoors?
  11. What is Wally World?

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Quiz topic: How Wilburton am I?