What part of Amargosa are you from?

Well Amargosa is a small town with three parts. What part are you from? Well take my damn quiz and find out Sorry if that sounded rude I just want this taken.

This version of the small town of Amargosa is the way my neighbor pictures it so now you can see what a 61 year old thinks of my home town XD that's all folks.

Created by: Alejandro98

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you shower?
  2. If I were to be on the computer in a public library and I was having problems with the computer what would you do?
  3. Do you consider yourself nosey?
  4. I'm out of questions
  5. HA that last one was a quistion with in it's self
  6. Okay now I'm seriously out of questions
  7. Rate?
  8. Comment?
  9. OH I got one more :D Do you picture yourself above or below everybody?
  10. Goodbye :)

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Quiz topic: What part of Amargosa am I from?