When Will It Work? Part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my series, I hope you’re really enjoying them so far. Recap: You burst out with asking questions when you ask “Who’s laughing?” he does something or says something before you can continue. We’ll find out what that is.

I know I haven’t been focusing much on Danni, Joey, and Austin, I get to their P.O.V. in this part. Oh and I am hoping to have part 4 out tomorrow, but if I don’t I probably won’t get it out until Monday because I’ll be somewhere. Just letting you know.

Created by: Kat

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  1. 1. Before you can continue Jesse comes down and kisses you. You’re shocked at first, but then you start to kiss him back. You back off the kiss because you remember Austin, Joey, and Danni. He said “Sorry ______” Still kind of shocked by the kiss you say kinda in a daze “That’s fine.”
  2. You sat quietly for a minute. Then you start wondering why he cut you off with a kiss when you asked about the laughing. You didn’t have to long to think about because you felt the van/truck stopping. Then Jesse grabbed your shoulder and pulled you up. He said “We’re getting out now”
  3. You felt someone else grab your your other shoulder. They help you down from the truck van thingy. When you’re on the ground the mystery guy who grabbed your other shoulder said “Walk forward” you just go along with what they say because you know someone has a gun.
  4. They led you into what you think is a room but your not sure. Someone unties your hands and it feels like a girl’s hand. That was weird because the only people you’ve heard so far were guys, but you didn’t worry about it.
  5. You were really thirsty, so you just randomly asked into the room “Could I have a drink?” Jesse said “Yeah I’ve got one right here. You can drink it.” You didn’t think that it was weird that he had gotten the drink so quickly because you were so thirsty. You drank all of it.
  6. You feel fine at first, but then you start feeling really dizzy and light headed. You don’t know why so you just keep sitting on the bed. Jesse said “_____ do you want to lie down?” You had no idea how he knew you were feeling sick, but you didn’t care you just accepted his offer and layed down.
  7. After 30 seconds you get way beyond dizzy you feel like someone just spon you really fast, then put you on a really spinny roller coaster and it won’t stop.You started to lose your senses. The last thing you hear is “I’m sorry ______.” Then you go black.
  8. ***Joey, Austin, and Danni’s P.O.V.*** They were still walking about 5 minutes after you got kidnapped. Then Danni said “Hey ______! You’d better get your butt up here before I get Austin and Joey to bring it up here!”
  9. No one heard a response, so Danni said “Guys go get her.” Austin and Joey turned around and gasped. Austin said “She she’s gone.” Danni said “Yeah right she’s been dieing to go on this. Joey?” “Sorry Danni,” Joey said “but she’s gone.” Danni whirled around, saw you were missing and screamed. Austin said “Calm down...” Calm down!” she interrupted him “How the heck do you except me to calm down when my best friend is missing?!”
  10. Joey said “We just need you slightly under control so we can start looking for her.” Danni took a deep breath and said “Okay, you two jerks had better find her or I’ll find her then I’ll beat you” Not knowing if she was serious or not Austin and Joey ran the path looking to see if they could find where you left the path.
  11. Austin looked on the right side and Joey looked on the left side. Suddenly Joey shouts “ I THINK I FOUND SOMETHING!” It was a piece of the shirt that you had been wearing. Austin said “Great job!” Danni said ‘What are you gonna do? Stand around congratulating each other the rest of the day? Go find her!” They said “Yes Ma’am!”
  12. And I’m stopping here.

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