A warrior's battle (part 8)

Hello. I hope that those of you who wanted to spend time with skyler are happy with this. Also I noticed that some of you were wondering if Matt proposed and if so did you say yes. He didn't actually propose, what he did was give you the stone so that other people would think you're taken. It's like an animal marking his territory.

Don't hate me for that comparison!!! Even if it does fix with Matt being able to change into any animal he wants. Also I decided to not do a sequel dice I have already started writing something else. I thank you and hope you enjoy reading part 8. Also my apologies for taking so long to get this part up but it's almost the end of my school semester and teachers are putting a lot of pressure and work on us.

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. Recap: you all arrive at the ocean and everyone decides that it is best if you protect Marth's life stone. You all came out from behind the boulder only to be seen by a man dressed completly in black who threatens to kill all of you.
  2. You all quickly put the stone in your pocket and you all walk towords this man dressed in black who you assume is a shadow. "state your business"says the man, jade smirks "we're looking for the fountain the one I believe you're protecting, would you mind telling us?"demands jade. The man steps back and you see a hint of fear in his light brown eyes. "well? Are you going to tell me where the fountains or do we have to torture you first?"says jade.
  3. "who ever you are, you have no idea what I am capable of so instead of making demands you should be begging me for mercy"says the man "torture it is then"says jade. A large circle of fir created by jade suddenly surrounds all of you, trapping you inside it. "that's just so you don't run away"says jade staring into the burnning flames. "we want to hide not attract people jade!"says Felix sounding annoyed. "he knows where the fountain is, if he tells us then we'll save time"says jade "alright then let's hurry up before someone finds us"says Matt. Matt changes into an inland taipan (the land snake with the most potent venom on earth) and skyler changes into a white tiger. You decide to just watch instead of participate in torture. Felix walks over to you since he has nothing to attack or protect himself with besides his fists and that's just not enough here. "we should look for anyone who might be spying on us"says Felix ,you simply nod in agreement. The man in black suddenly makes a golden sword appear in his hand. Matt slowly slithers toward the man, jade's eyes turn orange and she makes a small fire appear in her hand, skyler roars.
  4. They all walk towards the man slowly. Jade throws the fire at the man but he doges it and the fire hits the fire circle surrounding everyone. Matt slithers to the man's leg and bites him making the man scream in pain. Skyler then jumps on the man dropping him to the ground and scratches the man's face leaving a deep cut. The man quickly grabs his sword and swings it at skyler but misses him. "Esmeralda did you see something move by that hill thing?" asks Felix as he points towards some piled up rocks and sand. "I don't-" "Jade let us out!" says Felix. You see a large group of people all dressed in black coming towards you, most likely shadows. The fire goes out and you all run since there are too many of them for the 5 of you to fight especially in the dark.
  5. You all spot a near by cave, "let's split up" says jade "ok then"you say "Matt and Felix come with me and skyler goes with you Esmeralda" says jade "you go in the cave and well find some place to hide out here"you say as jade, Matt, and Felix run inside the cave. "are they following is" you ask skyler referring to the shadows, skyler roars "I forgot you're still in your tiger form". *no they're not following us* says skyler through his mind. You both stop running and sit down next to a near by boulder and skyler goes back into his human form and sits down.
  6. "Esmeralda do you feel ok?"asks skyler "ya, I'm just tired"you say. Skyler nods and looks at the ocean, "esmeralda, can you tell me something?"asks skyler "um sure"you say "um.....what is ...um, how does it feel like to be....." "skyler just tell me!"you say sounding annoyed "what is love and how does it feel like?"says skyler "um well, love is when you really care about someone and you'd do anything for them, it feels like you're connected to that one person and you never want to let them go, you love that person despite their flaws and the mistakes they make"you say "I see"
  7. [Skyler's P.O.V] I watched Esmeralda's face as the cold wind hit her pale skin. Her bluegreen eyes seemed to sparkle in the dim light, she looked beautiful, predict in every way. I've never felt this way about anyone, is this what they call love? Am I in love with esmeralda? Maybe I I kiss her I'll see if I feel anything, ya that a good idea right?
  8. [Esmeralda's P.O.V] I looked at skyler who seemed like he was debating with himself. "skyler are yo-". I was interrupted as skyler started kissing me, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and continued to explore every inch of it. I tried to keep our lips locked though out the entire thing. At first the kiss was soft and slowly became rougher. We both pulled away, gasping for air, my lips were swollen, my vision seemed a bit blurred. I shyly looked into skyler's hazel eyes and he looked in to my eyes and smiled, he leaned in and whispered in my ear "I love you Esmeralda, I love you"
  9. [Felix's P.O.V] jade, Matt, and I ran and tried to escape the remaining small group of shadows, most of them had went the wrong way when other paths appeared. Normally we would fight but ever since Marth's death everyone seems a bit uneasy, no one is willing to risk losing anyone ekes from our group. Matt had turned into cheetah and ran faster until he was out of sight. Jade threw the fire she held in her hand to light the way and created a fire wall blocking the path behind us so the shadows couldn't get to us. "Felix what do we do if we find the fountain?"asks jade "you can create a fire to signal Esmeralda and skyler " I say "ya but the shadows will also see it" "we'll have to hope that Esmeralda and skyler get here before them"I say. "hi"said Matt who was Now in his human form and was leaning against the cave's wall. "um hi" both me and jade said in unison.
  10. "theres an exit over there"said Matt as he pointed at one of the two paths that we could go, the right one. We all walked over to the right path and jade created a fire ball in her hand to light the way. We all walked toward the exit, the only sound you could hear was the sound of our footsteps. Once we left the cave we saw the dim light slowly becoming lighter and lighter covering the dark land that was once known as the Shinigami kingdom. "um excuse me are you skyler?", I searched for where the voice was coming from until I saw a small fairy on my shoulder, she had brown eyes and black hair and was 2 inches tall.
  11. Hello to all my readers, I thank you for taking my quiz-story-thingie. Unfortunately the story is coming to an end and it may take a while for me to post the rest of the story. This part 8 was ment to be longer but I have not finished it yet hopefully I will finish it soon and move on. For those of you who are wondering when it will end then it might be part 10 at the most 12. I have many ideas about how I will end it and I hope you will be satisfied with it. Also I am starting on a new story which I am very exited about and can not wait to post! So the end of A warrior's battle may be coming to an end but another story will come after and hopefully you will all read and enjoy it.

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