Manas Pkmn test

Jubilife City Zoey Floaroma Town Dawn Alamos Town Allegra Hearthome City Nando Sage Town Kenny Solaceon Town Jessilina Lake Valor (Wallace Cup) Dawn

e its beauty and talent. The appeal is awarded points by judges, usually Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo and the resident Nurse Joy. The Coordinators with the highest scores proceed to the next round. The number of Coordinators is different for each Contest. The second round is the Battle Round, in which two Coordinators compete in a Pokémon battle while continuing to show off their Pokémon's beauty and grace. Each battle lasts five minutes and the object of the battle is to decrease the opponent's points. Points are lost when a Coordinator's Pokémon is hit by an attack, when an attack fails, when the opponent's Pokémon performs a particularly beautiful move or when the opponent's Pokémon uses the Coordinator's attack to its own advantage. A battle can also end when one of the Poké

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  1. Smoochum evolves into Jynx at what level?
  2. What color is a shiny stantler?
  3. A blue apricorn makes what ball?
  4. Rock Smash's power
  5. In every generation, what is TM 38 (Same name)
  6. Water Pulse's power
  7. Hitmonlee's signature move
  8. Hariyama's Signature move
  9. Walrein's signature move
  10. Which one of these pokemon Are Not all female?
  11. Which one of these pokemon aren't ALL MALE?
  12. A green apricorn makes what ball?
  13. What berry snaps the user out of confusion?
  14. A pure incense does what?
  15. An Old Gateau does what?
  16. The 12th city/town in sinnoh is....
  17. After defeating Roark, what TM does he give out?
  18. After defeating Maylene, what TM does she give out?
  19. Gardenia's badge is known as....
  20. Crasher Wake's Badge is known as...
  21. After defeating Fantina, what TM does she give
  22. What is Byron's Badge known as..
  23. After Defeating Candice, What TM does she give out
  24. Volkner's badge is Known as....
  25. The 9th City/Town in Johto is...
  26. You buy an escape rope for...
  27. Berry Juice restores how much Hp?
  28. Lemonade restores How much HP?
  29. Soda Pop restores how much HP?
  30. You buy a heal ball for how much?
  31. The only move with 6 PP is....
  32. The ability Water Veil does what
  33. Zubat evolves in Golbat at what level?
  34. The 8th city/town in Kanto is known as....
  35. Seedot evolves into nuzleaf at what level?
  36. The ability Shell Armour does what?
  37. A flareon's weight is
  38. Fire fang's power
  39. Lovely Kiss is the signature move of what pokemon?
  40. When holding a kings rock, which two pokemon evolve
  41. Which one of these pokemon have brock NEVER had?
  42. Which one of these pokemon have ASH never had?
  43. One of these people ARE NOT one of Ash's friends(traveling). Which one of them are false
  44. Ash Cyndaquil evolves when?
  45. Last question: The 1st pokemon contest in Sinnoh was won by...

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