Passions Trivia Season #6

Welcome to the town of Harmony, a quaint but not too quiet town of New England! Where magic and the supernatural work together to create, passion, humour, romance, and disater for the beloved residents of this little town.

Harmony has ever seen, who just so happen to rule the entire town! The Bennetts, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and the Russells. And of course Harmony's 300 year old witch Tabitha and her daughter Endora!

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  1. Who cashed their trust fund in to bail Theresa out of jail?
  2. Who ran over Gwen with their car?
  3. Who was found in bed with Reese?
  4. Who becomes Harmony's newest couple?
  5. Who pushed Theresa out of the window?
  6. Who got a job at the Fish Cannery?
  7. Who adopted little Ethan?
  8. Who found the cds with all of Alistair's secrets on them?
  9. Who drugged Ethan & Gwen's surrogate?
  10. At which event were Alistair's secrets supposed to be revealed?
  11. What did Alistair use to convince Luis to give him back the cds?
  12. Who did the mysterious couple in Mexico turn out to be?
  13. What was the secret that was in T.C's shed?
  14. Who was turned into a dog?
  15. Which of Eve's relatives was brought to T.C. to reveal her past secrets?
  16. Who died when the Crane jet exploaded mid-air?
  17. Which citizen of Harmony decides to leave town?
  18. Who was kidnapped by Alistair's henchmen in Mexico?
  19. What did Alistair tell Julian & Eve about their long lost son?
  20. Who was bitten by a snake in the jungle in Mexico?
  21. Who tried to pass of her baby as Fox's?
  22. Who shot Alistair Crane?
  23. Who was poisoned at the dinner party thrown at the Crane mansion?
  24. The DNA results come back on the baby that Theresa gave birth to. Who's the biological mother of the baby girl?
  25. Who delivered a note to Sheridan on her wedding day saying that "Mrs.Wheeler is Katherine Crane"?

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