Passions Season #5

Before you begin your journey back to 2003, let's begin with a quick recap of Harmony and its many citizens. Welcome to the town of Harmony, a quaint but not too quiet town of New England! Where magic and the supernatural work together to create, passion, humour, romance, and disater for the beloved residents of this little town.

There are four key families in this tiny little town. The Cranes; the richest family Harmony has ever seen, who just so happen to rule the entire town! The Bennetts, the Lopez-Fitzgeralds, and the Russells. And of course Harmony's 300 year old witch Tabitha and her daughter Endora!

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  1. Who set the Crane cottage on fire after seeing Luis & Sheridan make love?
  2. What was the name of Mrs. Wallace's homecare nurse?
  3. Who set the Blue Note on fire?
  4. Who kidnapped Sheridan?
  5. Who disguised themselves as a clown?
  6. What deal did "death" make with Charity in order to save baby Maria?
  7. What was the name of Chad's ex-wife?
  8. What was the name of Latoya's trouble making cousin?
  9. What did Gwen attack Theresa with after learning she had lost her baby?
  10. Why was Sheridan institutionalized?

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