How much do you know about Fifth Harmony? Take this quiz to find out. If I were you I'd take this quiz to see how much you know about Fifth Harmony. Enjoy.

Test your knowledge on Fifth Harmony. They are the New Artist to watch so I'd watch them if I were you. I'm serious. Fifth Harmony has taken the world by storm.

Created by: Haley
  1. What was Fifth Harmony's original name before Fifth Harmony?
  2. Who's the oldest in the group?
  3. What's Camila's real name?
  4. Which fact is true
  5. Who has green eyes in Fifth Harmony
  6. Which two are from Miami and both are Cuban
  7. Dinah is Togan and…
  8. What's their first album called?
  9. Normani was rumored to be dating___on X Factor
  10. How was the group formed?
  11. What did Dinah call Ally after the EMAs (it was on Dinah's Snapchat Story)
  12. How many awards has Fifth Harmony won without an album?
  13. What's Fifth Harmony's latest single called (As of November 26th, 2014)
  14. Who wrote "Sledgehammer?"
  15. They all love Christmas but what girl loves Christmas the most
  16. What was Fifth Harmony's first single?
  17. What song on X Factor did they sing in Spanglish?
  18. Who has Fifth Harmony gone on tour with?

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