Which fifth harmony girl is your twin?

who does not know about a talented band "fifth harmony" have you ever wondered which girl is your lookalike or which girl is your twin? i have created this quiz to find out which harmonizer are you?

so are you a harmonizer or not? if so,then which one?camilla,lauren,ally,normani or dinah? find out your look-alike by this great quiz! so let's get started!

Created by: maham fatima
  1. what is your hair colour?
  2. what is your skin tone?
  3. whate type of hair do you have?
  4. what type of lips do you have?
  5. what type of nose do you have?
  6. What shape of face do you have?
  7. Do you have very attractive eyes?
  8. do you have curves?
  9. what is your eye colour?
  10. what colour do you prefer,white or black?

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Quiz topic: Which fifth harmony girl is my twin?