How well do you know Fifth Harmony?

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Fifth Harmony is probably THE most popular girl group ever. They're talented, beautiful and amazing girls. They got some awesome vocals to show off in every song.

Who isn't a Harmonizer? They're just so lit. Here I'm gonna quiz y'all on some easy stuff on Fifth Harmony. I'm sure you'll do well. I hope that you like this.

Created by: Ashhh
  1. 1. This is an easy one. Which year did the girls audition for X Factor? Were they soloists or a group?
  2. 2. Which of these songs were NOT performed by the girls when they were on X Factor?
  3. 3. Which one of them is bisexual?
  4. 4. Who left? Which year?
  5. 5. Who lives in California? Where?
  6. 6. 'Girls who do themselves'
  7. 7. Who got locked out of their hotel room?
  8. 8. Who's Big Rob?
  9. 9. Name their albums/EPs in order of the year they were released in. State the year.
  10. 10. Who slut shamed them? On which show?
  11. 11. Whiich member is the youngest?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fifth Harmony?