The Ultimate Yugioh Gx Season 3 Quiz

The third season of yugioh gx is better, in my opinion. the darker theme, the new monsters, characters and friendships. The adventures, the fun, the story. The best season of yougioh ever.

So, that leaves this question. Have YOU been watching? Do you know all about the series? Take this exciting quiz to find out! Are you an expert or not?

Created by: Elana
  1. What is the name of the creature who seeks revenge from Jaden?
  2. What dorm is Blaire's friend Marcel in?
  3. What deck does Aidrian Gecko have?
  4. Which academy is Jesse Anderson from?
  5. What is Jaden's new fusion monster made with Sparkman and Necroshade called?
  6. What is the ultimate monster that Jesse seeks for?
  7. When Syrus asks Hassleberry what is new with him, he replies that it's the obleisk uniform. This right, but not the answer Syrus was looking for. What is the correct answer?
  8. How long does Syrus stay in Obleisk Blue for?
  9. What do bio bands do when you loose a duel?
  10. Why does Viper want to collect energy?

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