Elemental hero quiz

Are you mad on cars! Or toons? Or maybe even cartoons? Yugioh gx is the next evolution of the classic and widely popular yugioh. Lets see how good you are.

this is about the best (not counting your opinions) cartoon ever to exist (apart from pingu-that had a better themetune). As Demitri would say, get ready to throw up!

Created by: Varun/Srijith
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  1. What monster do you get when you fuse avian and burstinatrix?
  2. What two monsters do you use to make Wildedge?
  3. which of the following fuses neos spacians?
  4. Avian and burstinatrix make flame wingman. What else do they make
  5. Does Steam Healer have a good effect?
  6. What 2 monster are used the most when necroshade is in the grave (yugioh)?
  7. Which elemental heros can attack directly?
  8. Has aster phoenix used the elemental hero deck?
  9. which was the first elemental hero that was summoned in the series?
  10. what is bubbleman special effect

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