What is your element

Many people believe that there are unseen, elemental forces enacting their will on the world. There are some who believe they can use these powers. But, how would the elementals use you? WHICH, elemental would use you?

Take this quiz honestly and don't just picky choosey what would get you your favored outcome. By honestly, I mean mull it over. Are you really a calm person or does that just sound like the correct answer?

Created by: John
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your favorite thing to do is?
  2. your personality is?
  3. An ideal event is:
  4. How well are you liking the quiz?
  5. random stuff now, pie or cabbage? (inside joke reference).
  6. pop math quiz: (n-5)x32=480. n=
  7. A language you want to learn?
  8. Do you hate Bush?
  9. Emmy's or Oscar's?
  10. Daily show or Colbert Report

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