What element are you?

Are you Wood, Fire, Air, Water, Darkness, or Light? Find out! Usually there may be an easy way to figure out what element you are, but its not always that simple as it seems. The Element Darkness is based on how someone looks at life, not wanting to be in the spot light, but not wanting to be on the side lines either. Then there is the Element water, which is usually meant for someone who has a calm state of mind, not worried about the future or any path that they may take. They just "Go with the Flow"

Most times its hard to consider yourself one thing alone, while you have to many different things that you like that can fit into multiple catagorys.

Created by: Tristesse

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  1. What time of day do you prefer the most?
  2. What word below best describes you?
  3. Which color below would you consider your favorite
  4. You have just left a party you were at, and it is pitch black outside except for a few street lamps. You have no ride home, and think,
  5. For some reason, you let one of your friends drag you out into the woods to camp in a tent for the night. The night isn't as dark as you thought it would be, the sky is cloudy but its not extreamly cold outside, and the fire is only a few feet away from you. You,
  6. The sun is blazing at the beach, and the ocean is just a few feet away. You decide to
  7. What do you do when you get home from work/school?
  8. When you dream, you usually dream of...
  9. Deciding to see a movie, which one would you most rather see?
  10. If a woman/man just randomly came up to you, wanting to rent a room at a hotel for just one night, a lust-ful look in his eyes, you say
  11. What would your friends likely say about you?

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Quiz topic: What element am I?