Which siperhero are you?

There are many heroic people, but not all of the are superheros. This quiz will explain if you are a hero and which hero are you so please have fun...

Ever wandered if your as mean as Hulk, or a sexy as Catwoman... it is time for you to fing out with this ultimate hero quiz... Please enjoy, it may be long but at the end it's worth it.

Created by: Darren
  1. How was your childhood?
  2. Are you accident prone?
  3. In whic High school click were you?
  4. Are you
  5. are your parents
  6. Did you grow up in a
  7. Are you
  8. Where do you live?
  9. Which color you prefer?
  10. Do you consider yourself hostile?
  11. What's your best trait?
  12. What's your worst trait?
  13. Do you do anything to get your way?
  14. What drives you willpower?
  15. If you could choose
  16. Your favorite class
  17. if you are i the movies and the person in front ofis talking you...
  18. Favorite animal
  19. Transportation
  20. Secret identitiy
  21. Weopon of choice:

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Quiz topic: Which siperhero am I?