Are you a Big Hero 6 fan?

Are you a Big Hero Six fan? The movie about the adorkable boy and his walking marshmallow friend. The Nerds. Think you know Big Hero Six more than me? Well take this AWESOME quiz and find out

Are you a Big Hero Six fan?? Do you know Big Hero Six inside and out?? Are you sure you are going to pass this quiz?? Again. Are you sure?? If you said yes to all my questions then let's go!

Created by: Blessing

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  1. What does Hiro first say?
  2. What animal does Baymax walk like?
  3. Who does Baymax hit when he tries his rocket fist for the first time?
  4. What is on Hiro's red shirt?
  5. What is Wasabi's fear?
  6. Who voiced Hiro Hamada?
  7. What is the colour of Hiro's hair?
  8. What is the name of Cass Hamada's café?
  9. How did Tadashi and Hiro's parents die?
  10. What is the officer's name?
  11. What is Hiro allergic to?
  12. How many medical procedures is Baymax programed with?
  13. A weird characteristic Hiro has is ...
  14. What does 'tomago' in Japanese mean?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Big Hero 6 fan?