How well do you know big hero 6?

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Have you seen big hero 6? It's a movie based on the marvel comic of the same name. It's about a boy called Hiro Hamada who experiences the loss of his brother Tadashi. He later meets Baymax and teams up with gogo tomago, Fred, wasabi no ginger and honey lemon to save San fransokyo from the evil masked man Yokai!

Do you know big hero 6? Do you have the knowledge to master San fransokyo's tech? Do you have what it takes to join big hero 6? Well in just moments you'll find out with this fun and interesting knowledge quiz!

Created by: Conor hall
  1. How many members are in the team?
  2. What is Baymax?
  3. Who plays Hiro?
  4. Complete this quote: on a scale of *** ** *** how would you rate your pain?
  5. What is Robert Callaghan's villain name?
  6. Complete the quote: ******* is gone!
  7. When was the movie released?
  8. What 3 movies does big hero 6 follow?
  9. Complete this quote: I will deactivate when you say I am ********* with my care
  10. Ok, last question who made big hero 6?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know big hero 6?