Are you a Big Hero 6 fan?

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There are many people who say they are a Huge fan of BIG HERO SIX. Just to be on the right and safe side,take this quiz. Its fun and you might learn a thing or two

Are YOU a BIG HERO SIX Fan? Think you can take the risk and take this quiz??? First check the movie out before you take this quiz, just to make it easier for you

Created by: blessing
  1. What does Baymax walk like?
  2. What is the name of Aunt Cass' cafe?
  3. How did Hiro and Tadashi's parents die?
  4. what is wasabi afraid of?
  5. What is Hiro allergic to?
  6. who is the voice actor of Hiro?
  7. what does Hiro first say in the movie?
  8. what colour is GoGo's bike?
  9. what does 'tomago' in japanese mean?
  10. what is the colour of Hiro's hair?
  11. what is the officers name?
  12. what colour is the chip Hiro puts in him?
  13. How many medical procedures is Baymax programed with?
  14. why does Honey lemon speak so loud when she first meets Hiro?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Big Hero 6 fan?